Improvement Plan

Executive Summary

Downtown Aurora is rich with history, heritage properties and a plan to reinvigorate the downtown core through the development of Library Square, the remodeling of the Armoury, and a major addition to the Cultural Centre.  These Town projects will lay the foundation needed to revitalize the downtown core. As plans are shared with the community and the newly created Business Improvement Association (BIA) begins their journey to revitalize Yonge Street and Wellington Street, we will begin to see the positive changes that are possible when we all work together. We will see this positive change through marketing initiatives; running events to spotlight the downtown core; supporting existing businesses; building a long-range plan with the Economic Development Board to help attract new businesses that will further enrich the downtown experience; and contributing to the beautification efforts undertaken by the Town through the Streetscape Plan.

  • To lead the revitalization of Downtown Aurora as a town focal point where businesses thrive; residents live, work, and play; and visitors feel welcome.



  • The mission of the Downtown Aurora BIA is to: support member businesses through promotion and education; attract new businesses that add value to the downtown core and support their integration within the community; and participate in the marketing and beautification efforts for Downtown Aurora.  




Marketing & Education

  • To provide education and marketing support to current businesses and to support the integration of new businesses is critical to the success of the BIA

Economic Development

  • To support Town and Economic Development Board efforts to bring in new businesses that support the vision of the BIA



  • To engage BIA members on the BIA Business Plan

  • To engage members through supportive activities, marketing opportunities and  involvement in long-range planning


Respect and Inclusivity

  • To require that respect and inclusivity always be shown to BIA members, Town staff, and all who engage with the BIA, inclusive of volunteers